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First Public Reaction From String Theorist to “Not Even Wrong”

Last month I made the following prediction: String theory doesn’t make any predictions, but I can make one: Lubos will be among the first reviewers of my book on Amazon, and I’ll get two stars. This prediction was confirmed today, … Continue reading

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All Sorts of Stuff

Harvard mathematician Barry Mazur has many new things up on his web-site. These include an expository article on motives (this via David Corfield), and a foreword to a forthcoming popular book called Fearless Symmetry : Exposing the Hidden Patterns of … Continue reading

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Bad Craziness

I’d been wondering why Lubos Motl seemed rather subdued in recent months, now one of his recent postings makes some reasons for this clear. Evidently since April he’s been the victim of someone who has been sending him grotesque anonymous … Continue reading

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Strings 2005

Strings 2005, the latest in a series of yearly huge string theory conferences, will be taking place this week in Toronto. This series began in 1997 in Amsterdam, and in recent years has attracted 445 participants to Cambridge in 2002, … Continue reading

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International Institute of Mathematical Physics in Riga

The DNS has the following entry for domain: descr: International Institute of Mathematical Physics admin-c: 23391-LUMII tech-c: 23391-LUMII nserver: DNS1.SUPREMESERVER11.COM nserver: DNS2.SUPREMESERVER11.COM changed: 20031201 source: LUMII person: BOGDANOFF IGOR address: none phone: 33608250825 e-mail: nic-hdl: 23391-LUMII … Continue reading

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