Particle Theory in Midtown

Particle theory is about to have a significantly higher profile in midtown Manhattan, with the launch of two new programs this spring:

  • The CUNY Graduate Center at 34th St. is starting up an Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences, with a program of colloquia, workshops and public lectures in various areas of theoretical science. In early April there will be a workshop on Emerging problems in particle phenomenology.
  • A few blocks away, at the 27th St. Stony Brook Manhattan campus, the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics will start having seminars February 12 under the title Simons Center Seminars in Manhattan.
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    4 Responses to Particle Theory in Midtown

    1. Thomas R Love says:

      The three speakers at the Simons Center Seminars in Manhattan are all string theorists. Surprise, surprise, suprise!

    2. Peter Woit says:

      Actually, they might all be better characterized as “ex-string theorists”, with McGreevy recently working on condensed matter physics, Komargodski on supersymmetry breaking and Cachazo on qft scattering amplitudes.

      This reflects pretty well the “hot” topics in particle theory: string theorists are fleeing the failed program of trying to get unification or even quantum gravity out of string theory, and moving into other subjects, sometimes hoping to find a use for methods that grew out of their earlier string theory research.

    3. Mike says:

      What I found interesting w.r.t. the Simons seminar announcement is that no title of the talks, let alone abstracts is posted. Why should people attend, then?

    4. A.J. says:


      I suspect the organizers will post the titles and abstracts when they get them from speakers.

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