Mathematics of Finance (MAFN)

The Department of Mathematics at Columbia University offers a Master of Arts program in Mathematics with a specialization in the Mathematics of Finance (MAFN). It is co-sponsored by the Department of Statistics, and it draws on the diverse strengths of the university in mathematics, statistics, stochastic processes, numerical methods, and financial applications.

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About the Program

We strive for a balance between rigorous theoretical courses and cutting-edge applied courses, the latter in many cases taught by professionals from the financial industry. In addition to the finance, mathematics, and statistics courses offered by the program, the students can take courses from all over the university.

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For Alumni

The MAFN program has over 1,400 alumni living and working around the world in 42 different countries and on every continent except Antarctica. We realize that our alumni are the best advocates for the students in the MAFN program who are eager to learn and be inspired by you. Read about how to stay in touch with the program, faculty, current students, and your fellow alumni.

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Find out how we can help you with hiring MAFN students and alumni for positions at your organization.