Photos of Mathematicians

For many years C. J. Mozzochi has been taking photographs of mathematicians, primarily at mathematics conferences and lectures in Princeton or in the New York City area. With help from Mark Goresky, he now has a web-site where you can view and download many of his photographs. The site will be periodically updated with additional photographs.

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9 Responses to Photos of Mathematicians

  1. Dissident says:

    I’m surely missing something really obvious, but… what’s the point? Ogling supermodels I might understand, but mathematicians?

  2. woit says:


    As I’ve said before, the interests of this blog are pretty idiosyncratic. Lots of places to go on the internet if you want to ogle supermodels. Those that want to ogle mathematicians need a much more specialized site like this to point them in the right direction….

  3. Rob Scott says:

    Sigh, if there were only supermodel mathmaticians!

  4. MathPhys says:

    There are.

  5. Just got my February Discover magazine and it has a mathematician photo. Is Columbia’s math department interested in having a 2nd TV/movie star?

  6. woit says:

    Hi John,

    No, I think one of those is enough. I still haven’t seen the magazine yet, will write something about it soon.

  7. Chris Oakley says:

    Maybe Mozzochi should have three sets of photos: mathematicians in casual attire, mathematicians in their national costume and mathematicians in swimwear, like the Miss World pageant. The latter would not necessarily be a pretty sight, but one could always just make one’s excuses and leave at that point.

  8. Robin says:

    Andrej Bauer also maintains a collection of photos of mathematicians; mainly people working in category theory and/or logic.

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