Completely Off-Topic

I’m heading off to New Orleans tomorrow morning, will be there for Mardi Gras, back next Wednesday. Light to no blogging for the duration.

Since I’m already off-topic, I can’t resist promoting my friend Alexei Karamazov (aka Mark Ettinger)’s show, which opened last night here in New York at the Minetta Lane theater. The Flying Karamazov Brothers travel the world with a wonderful show that could best be described as demented vaudeville featuring some of the best juggling around. They’re here in New York City for the first time in many years, through March 7. For one of the first reviews, see here. Some of their previous shows featured references to string theory, this one doesn’t. Go to their web-site to learn more, then go buy tickets and help me recoup some of the money I put up as an investor to help make this happen…

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