Oxford Twistor String Conference

The transparencies from the conference on twistor string theory held two weeks ago at Oxford are now available on-line.

Quite a few of the talks deal with the technical details of computing amplitudes. For the motivation from phenomenological particle theory, see the talk by Zvi Bern. As for the motivation and present state of the whole idea of relating QCD to a string theory in twistor space, the only person who really seems to have much to say about this is Witten himself. His transparencies are in three parts: part 1a and part 1b from his first talk and then a second talk in which he explains what the problems with the whole idea are and some ideas he’s been thinking about using to try and get around them.

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  1. D R Lunsford says:

    Related to Atiyah’s notes is the following very interesting paper:



  2. D R Lunsford says:

    I’ve been meaning to look into this question…

    Since one apparently invokes twistors to get some knowledge of spacetime (M), is there a technical reason one must build on SO(4,2) vs. SO(3,3)? All the ideas of incidence will hold, with suitable replacement of real configurations by imaginary ones. Of course one will lose the real scalings in M but we don’t experience these in any case.


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