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LHC Startup at 10 TeV

Robert Aymar, the Director General of CERN, has announced that the LHC will operate when it starts up this year at an energy of 5 TeV per beam (10 TeV total center of mass energy), rather than the design energy … Continue reading

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Krauss on Boltzmann Brains

Lawrence Krauss has a piece this week in New Scientist about the latest hot topic in theoretical physics, Boltzmann brains. It’s entitled String Theory’s Latest Folly, and starts off: THOMAS AQUINAS may never have actually wondered how many angels can … Continue reading

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I usually try hard to avoid writing here about anything not directly related to mathematics and physics, but on rare occasions I can’t resist. Many readers may want to skip this posting as unserious, but maybe some will find it … Continue reading

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2008 Abel Prize

The winner of this year’s Abel prize, a prize of over $1 million set up back in 2001 to provide an equivalent of a Nobel prize in mathematics, is… Actually, I have no idea. If you know who it is, … Continue reading

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Will Physicists Find God?

Today’s second most viewed article in Newsweek is an interview with Steven Weinberg about what we’ll learn at the LHC. Unfortunately it almost immediately turns into a discussion about religion and is linked to on the Newsweek site as Will … Continue reading

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Media Events in Paris

Tomorrow I’ll be in Las Vegas, on my way to southern Utah, so will miss a couple of math-physics media events taking place in Paris. At 2pm on Sunday, Lubos Motl will be appearing at the France Television booth at … Continue reading

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Electric-Magnetic Duality on a Half-Space

The past few weeks I’ve often been going down to the IAS in Princeton on Thursdays to hear talks given as part of the special program there this semester in mathematics. These talks included a series of five talks by … Continue reading

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2008 Templeton Prize

The 2008 Templeton Prize was announced today. It goes to Michael Heller, a Polish cosmologist, philosopher and Catholic priest, for “sharply focused and strikingly original concepts on the origin and cause of the universe.” The full name of the Templeton … Continue reading

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The Landscape and the Emperor’s New Clothes

The String Vacuum Project, described as “a large, multi-institution, interdisciplinary collaboration”, that has been established over the last few years, is having its Kick-Off Meeting next month at the University of Arizona. This group had submitted grant proposals to the … Continue reading

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HEP and Politics News

In perhaps the most important development for the future of HEP in the US in quite a while, yesterday Bill Foster, an HEP experimentalist who worked on CDF and the Recycler at Fermilab, won a race to fill the congressional … Continue reading

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