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Links, Links, Links…

Wired has an interview with Lee Smolin. The French internet site Arte has interviews with various physicists, including one with Carlo Rovelli. If you don’t want to watch the videos, there’s a text summary (in French). Mel Schwartz died earlier … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Physics

I’ve just finished reading Lee Smolin’s new book The Trouble With Physics, which should be released and available for sale very soon. It’s a great book, covering some of the same ground as mine, but with significant differences. This won’t … Continue reading

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A Castle For Mathematicians

The American Institute of Mathematics was founded in 1994, with financing from John Fry, the Silicon Valley businessman responsible for Fry’s Electronics. The Fry’s store in Palo Alto is quite remarkable, containing everything a Silicon Valley geek might need, with … Continue reading

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U.S. Publication of Not Even Wrong

Today a heavy box with copies of the U.S. version of Not Even Wrong arrived at my office, and I’m quite pleased the thing is finally being published in this country. It appears that Amazon has it in stock (see … Continue reading

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2006 Fields Medal Winners

The winners of the 2006 Fields Medals are Terence Tao and Grigori Perelman (as widely predicted), also Andrei Okounkov, and Wendelin Werner. For some more information, see the press releases at the ICM site. Okounkov’s mathematical work has been in … Continue reading

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Some Links

Lee Smolin’s forthcoming book “The Trouble With Physics” has a web-site. There’s a new group blog focusing on n-categories, The n-Category Cafe, which will be run by John Baez, David Corfield and Urs Schreiber. It looks like Urs will basically … Continue reading

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Aaron Bergman Review of Not Even Wrong

Aaron Bergman has written up a review of my book and posted it over at the String Coffee Table. It’s quite sensible and makes reasonable points, so I’m very glad he wrote it. Here are a few comments of my … Continue reading

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The Unraveling of String Theory

This week’s Time magazine has as article by Michael Lemonick about the controversy over string theory entitled The Unraveling of String Theory. It mentions my book and Lee Smolin’s, and there’s a quote from Sean Caroll. There’s the usual hysterical … Continue reading

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String Phenomenology and the Landscape

Science magazine this week has an article about the anthropic string theory landscape controversy, entitled A ‘Landscape” Too Far, by Tom Siegfried. The only theorist quoted as opposing anthropic landscape arguments as not science is David Gross, although experimentalist Burton … Continue reading

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A Counterexample to the Hodge Conjecture?

A paper appeared last night on the arXiv by K.H. Kim and F.W. Roush entitled Counterexample to the Hodge Conjecture. The authors claim to construct an example using K3 surfaces for which the Hodge conjecture is false. If they’re right … Continue reading

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