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Strings 2009 Out of Juice?

I had a suspicion that Strings 2009 wasn’t going to be scientifically very active, since not much has been going on in that field recently, but I still found it surprising how little news from the conference was making its … Continue reading

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Strings 2008

Strings 2008 starts tomorrow at CERN, with about 400 physicists in attendance. CERN will be providing a live webcast for the rest of us. The timetable of the talks is here. The first afternoon will be devoted not to string … Continue reading

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Strings 2007

Strings 2007 is starting today, and already there seem to be a large number of different laptops connecting to this blog from I’m hoping that some of their owners will write in here with news of how the conference … Continue reading

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Strings 2006

Strings 2006 is about to get underway in Beijing, at a hotel next to Tiananmen Square, with public talks by David Gross, Andy Strominger and Stephen Hawking. Jonathan Shock reports that an agreement was formally signed today creating the KITPC, … Continue reading

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Strings 2005

Strings 2005, the latest in a series of yearly huge string theory conferences, will be taking place this week in Toronto. This series began in 1997 in Amsterdam, and in recent years has attracted 445 participants to Cambridge in 2002, … Continue reading

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Talks From Strings 2004

Transparencies from the talks at Strings 2004 in Paris are starting to appear on-line. You can see a listing of what is available so far here. None of the ones I’d be most interested in seeing (Dijkgraaf, Nekrasov, Moore, Witten) … Continue reading

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