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Registration involves choosing your courses / sections and your Registration Category.

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The Registrar’s office also handles matters such as these:

Residence Units

See the GSAS webpage Residence Unit and Other Registration Categories

See the MAFN webpage Tuition and Other Costs for additional information.

Your Registration Category, rather than registration for individual courses, provides the basis for tuition charges.

Students usually register for a full Residence Unit or one-half or one-quarter. Students who have completed two Residence Units but have not completed their degree requirements will normally register for an Extended Residence Unit, according to GSAS rules. This also applies if they want to take only one or a few courses. It also applies if they take courses during the summer.

Full time students register for a full Residence Unit in each of the first two semesters. All international students on F-1 or J-1 visas must register as full-time students.

Part time students are free to choose their Registration Category each semester of their program, until they have completed two Residence Units.

There is the following correspondence between Registration Categories and numbers of classes:

  • 1 full Residence Unit = 18 or fewer credits (credits above 18 are paid per credit)
  • 1/2 Residence Unit = 3 or fewer classes
  • 1/4 Residence Unit = 2 or fewer classes
  • 1 Extended Residence Unit (Fall or Spring) = 18 or fewer credits (credits above 18 are paid per credit)
  • 1 Extended Residence Unit (Summer) = 3 or fewer classes

You must register for a Residence Category in addition to registering for classes. If you don’t, you might experience unnecessary billing. It will be a lot easier to register for the RU category you want than fix a problem after unnecessary bills have been generated.

If you intend to take a full RU anyway, we still want to see that you are aware of your RU category by assigning one to yourself. Please register for the correct RU even if you are a full-time student.

If you are registered for a full Residence Unit and you are registered for courses that add up to over 18 points (credits), you will be charged for the additional points.

By the time you graduate you must have completed 2 full Residence Units to fulfill degree requirements.

Registration Mechanics

There are only certain times that you can register. These are called appointment times. To find the information about these times, as well as your personal identification number and other information:

  • Go to Student Services Online (SSOL)
  • Type in your UNI and password
  • On the menu along the left-hand side, click on “Reg Appts
  • Record or print this information

Once you have your appointment times, you can register. You will register for the majority of your courses on-line using your UNI.

You will need the Call Number for these courses (each section has a unique 5-digit identifier or Call Number).

Pass/Fail and R credit: SSOL will ask you how you want the course graded. All courses used towards the degree must be letter-graded (“L”). Courses graded “PF or “R” cannot be used towards the MAFN degree requirements.

Remember that all students in Graduate School of Arts & Sciences must register in a Residence Unit category in addition to registering for specific courses.

You register for an RU category just as you would a class. You need to put it into a call number category, just like a class.

Call Number

  • 99991 – 1 full Residence Unit
  • 99992 – 1/2 Residence Unit
  • 99993 – 1/4 Residence Unit
  • 77771 – 1 Extended Residence Unit

New students may not register or pre-register until the registration period in late August. All new international students must check in with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) upon arrival before being allowed to register.


Some classes may be blocked for web registration because they require that you show proof of approval. Check the Directory of Classes for information.

If you cannot register through SSOL, bring a completed Add/Drop to 109 Low.

Holds: You will not be permitted to register if a hold has been placed on your student account. To find out if you have a registration hold, check Holds on Student Services Online at Student Services Online

Add/Drop Mechanics

The Add/Drop Form can be found here: Add / Drop Form

Some classes may be blocked for web registration because they require proof of approval. If you cannot register through SSOL, bring a completed Add/Drop form to 109 Low.

Access to web registration stops at the end of the Change-of-Program period. If you wish to drop a class you must bring a completed Add/Drop form to 109 Low.

Adding or dropping classes may cause your RU status to change from part-time, half-time or full-time. This may have financial consequences.

Failing to attend classes or unofficially notifying the instructor does not constitute dropping a course. Students who stop attending without officially dropping will be assigned a grade.

Registration Calendar

For dates and deadlines related to registration, go to Registration Dates, and scroll down to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Make sure you are looking at the right semester and year.

Be aware that dates for cross-registering – in the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) or the Graduate School of Business (GSB), for example – are not shown here.

Also consult the GSAS Registration page, and in particular the section about Late Registration.

Change of Program: Adjust your schedule and add and drop classes during this period, without penalty. Most classes can be added and dropped on Student Services Online (SSOL) during this period. So, to avoid late fees, enroll in your registration category or better enroll in the typical set of Mathematics of Finance courses by the end of the day on Friday, August 30, and then adjust your schedule and add and drop classes during the Change-of-Program period. If you are a full-time student, it is preferable that you register for required courses as soon as possible. After the Change-of-Program period, you may no longer add classes.

Last Day to Receive Full Tuition Refund for Class Dropped: You receive the relevant tuition refund if

  • You are above 18 credits and you drop on or before this date, or
  • You drop down a Registration Unit category on or before this date, or
  • You withdraw completely on or before this date

Last Day to Drop a Class (No Refund): You may continue to drop courses until this date, without a refund.

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