First Results from the Large Hardon Collider

There’s a conference in Bad Honnef going on now entitled First Results from the LHC, with a website that carries two different interpretations of what “LHC” stands for (see the screenshot below):
First Results from the LHC

The talks are here. Yesterday CERN DG Rolf Heuer gave a summary talk about The Terascale after 2 years of LHC. Tomorrow some SUSY enthusiasts will be summarizing their view of the current situation, with John Ellis scheduled to talk on “What is it? What else? What next?”.

In other news, I’m hearing rumors of a big announcement tomorrow at CERN. The rumor is that Yuri Milner has decided that not all prizes should go to theorists, and that the Nobel committee not awarding prizes for the Higgs discovery is something that he can help fix. We’ll see tomorrow if this pans out…

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6 Responses to First Results from the Large Hardon Collider

  1. Peter Woit says:

    Bob Jones,
    Thanks! I’ve added that information to the posting from last spring about the Frenkel conference.

  2. Peter Woit says:

    Thanks Eric,
    My rumors were quite incomplete. I guess a posting about the full story is called for…

  3. DJBunk says:

    ‘Large Hardon Collider’ – I think you might want to edit this to avoid undesirable web traffic 🙂

  4. Peter Woit says:


    All I’m doing is linking to the conference web-site, and that’s how they titled their web-page, so, what can I do?

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