Jean Dieudonne

Pierre Cartier has written a short biographical article about the remarkable French mathematician Jean Dieudonné. Cartier estimates that Dieudonné wrote about 80,000 pages of mathematics over the course of his career. He was a driving force behind Bourbaki, often taking on the bulk of the writing tasks. With Alexandre Grothendieck he co-wrote EGA, the huge foundational text on algebraic geometry (some people note that, considering the French meaning of his name, this text could be described as “God-given”).

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2 Responses to Jean Dieudonne

  1. D R Lunsford says:

    I was told in such a way as to believe it, that one of those “new math” Bourbaki tomes boasted about the lack of diagrams and heuristics to be found within – as if to say, knowledge must be gained in some exquisite way in order for it to have value. This is the heart of the string debacle. Academics have become exquisites.


  2. Alejandro Rivero says:

    Yep, Bourbaki in some introduction boasts a bit about this, ie about not using didactics as a substitute of proofs. It aims, as Streater/Wightman, for precision.

    I can not think about any string book similar in style (nor precision) to the ones of Bourbaki, so perhaps it is a bad comparison.

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