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[79]   Automata and one-dimensional TQFTs with defects, (with Paul Gustafson, Mee Seong Im, Remy Kaldawy and Zachary Lihn), arXiv:2301.00700.

[78]   One-dimensional theories with defects: the linear case, (with Mee Seong Im), arXiv:2210.00371.

[77]   Odd two-variable Soergel bimodules and Rouquier complexes, (with Krzysztof Putyra and Pedro Vaz), arXiv:2205.12794.

[76]   Topological theories and automata, (with Mee Seong Im), arXiv:2202.13398.

[75]   Categorical lifting of the Jones polynomial: a survey, (with Robert Lipshitz), arXiv:2202.02473.

[74]   Monoidal categories, representation gap and cryptography, (with Maithreya Sitaraman and Daniel Tubbenhauer), arXiv:2201.01805.

[73]   Foams, iterated wreath products, field extensions and Sylvester sums (with Mee Seong Im), arXiv:2107.07845.

[72]   Anchored foams and annular homology (with Rostislav Akhmechet), arXiv:2105.00921.

[71]   Planar diagrammatics of self-adjoint functors and recognizable tree series (with Robert Laugwitz), arXiv:2104.01417.

[70]   Two-dimensional topological theories, rational functions and their tensor envelopes (with Victor Ostrik and Yakov Kononov), arXiv:2011.14758.

[69]   Conical SL(3) foams (with Louis-Hadrien Robert), arXiv:2011.11077.

[68]   Decorated one-dimensional cobordisms and tensor envelopes of noncommutative recognizable power series, arXiv:2010.05730.

[67]   Evaluating thin flat surfaces (with You Qi and Lev Rozansky), Communications in Mathematical Physics 385 (2021), 1835–1870, arXiv:2009.01384.

[66]   Bilinear pairings on two-dimensional cobordisms and generalizations of the Deligne category (with Radmila Sazdanovic), arXiv:2007.11640.

[65]   Universal construction of topological theories in two dimensions, arXiv:2007.03361.

[64]   Link homology and Frobenius extensions II, (with Louis-Hadrien Robert), to appear in Fundamenta Mathematicae, arXiv:2005.08048.

[63]   A deformation of Robert-Wagner foam evaluation and link homology (with Nitu Kitchloo), arXiv:2004.14197.

[62]   Diagrammatic categorification of the Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind (with Radmila Sazdanovic),
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 225, is.6, June 2021, 106592, arXiv:2003.11664.

[61]   A faithful braid group action on the stable category of tricomplexes (with You Qi),
SIGMA (Symm. Integr. Geom. Methods Appl.) 16 (2020), 019, 32 pages, arXiv:1911.02503.

[60]   Foam evaluation and Kronheimer--Mrowka theories (with Louis-Hadrien Robert), Advances in Mathematics 376 (2021), 107433, arXiv:1808.09662.

[59]   Braid group actions from categorical symmetric Howe duality on deformed Webster algebras,
(with Aaron D. Lauda, Joshua Sussan, and Yasuyoshi Yonezawa), to appear in Transformation groups, arXiv:1802.05358.

[58]   Towards functor exponentiation, (with Yin Tian), Journal of Algebra 505 (2017), arXiv:1712.02208.

[57]   p-DG cyclotomic nilHecke algebras (with You Qi and Joshua Sussan), arXiv:1711.07159.

[56]   How to categorify the ring of integers localized at two, (with Yin Tian), Quantum Topology 10, is.4 (2019), 723–775, arXiv:1702.07466.

[55]   The Soergel category and the redotted Webster algebra (with Joshua Sussan), Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 222, is.8, August 2018, 1957-2000, arXiv:1605.02678.

[54]   Linearization and categorification, arXiv:1603.08223.

[53]   A categorification of the positive half of quantum gl(m|1) (with Joshua Sussan), Transactions of the AMS 369 no.3 (2017), 1627-1664, arXiv:1406.1676.

[52]   Positive half of the Witt algebra acts on triply graded link homology (with Lev Rozansky), Quantum Topology 7, no.4 (2016), 737-795, arXiv:1305.1642.

[51]   An approach to categorification of small quantum groups (with You Qi), Quantum Topology 6, no.2 (2015), 185-311, arXiv:1208.0616.

[50]   The odd nilHecke algebra and its diagrammatics (with Alexander Ellis and Aaron Lauda), Int. Math. Research Notices v.2014, no.4 (2014), 991-1062, arXiv:1111.1320.

[49]   The Hopf algebra of odd symmetric functions (with Alexander Ellis), Advances in Math. 231, no.2 (2012), 965-999, arXiv:1107.5610.

[48]   Categorification of the polynomial ring (with Radmila Sazdanovic), Fundamenta Mathematicae 230, no.3 (2015), 251-280, arXiv:1101.0293.

[47]   Heisenberg algebra and a graphical calculus, Fundamenta Mathematicae 225, (2014), 169-210, arXiv:1009.3295.

[46]   Categorifications from planar diagrammatics, Japanese J. of Mathematics 5, 153--181 (2010), arXiv:1008.5084.

[45]   A categorification of the Casimir of quantum sl(2) (with Anna Beliakova and Aaron Lauda), Advances in Math. 230, is.3 (2012), 1442-1501, arXiv:1008.0370.

[44]  How to categorify one-half of quantum gl(1|2), Banach Center Publications 103, Pt.3: Khots in Poland III (2014), 211-232, arXiv:1007.3517.

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[35]   An invariant of tangle cobordisms via subquotients of arc rings (with Yanfeng Chen), arXiv:math.QA/0610054.

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[1]   New geometrical constructions in low-dimensional topology, preprint 1990.