Enumerative Geometry Seminar, Spring 2022

Monday, 5:30-7pm, Math 507 or Zoom zoom link, unless noted otherwise in red.

Organizers: Konstantin Aleshkin and Melissa Liu

Date Time Location SpeakerTitle References
Mon. 1/24 5:30-7pm Zoom Xiaohan Yan (UC Berkeley) Quantum K-theory of flag varieties via non-abelian localization video, slides (original version), slides (annotated version), arXiv:2008.08182, arXiv:2106.06281
Mon. 1/31 5:30-7pm Zoom Peng Zhou (UC Berkeley) Variation of GIT quotients and Variation of Lagrangian skeletons video, slides (original version), slides (annotated version), arXiv:2011.03719, arXiv:2011.06114
Mon. 2/7 5:30-7pm Zoom Stephen Pietromonaco (University of British Columbia) Gromov-Witten Potentials of Local Banana Manifold and Siegel Modular Forms video, slides, arXiv:1902.08695, arXiv:1902.07085
Mon. 2/14 5:30-7pm Math 507 Konstantin Aleshkin (Columbia University) Higgs-Coulomb correspondence in abelian GLSM
Mon. 2/21 7:30-9pm Zoom Hsian-Hua Tseng (Ohio State University) Virasoro constraints for toric bundles video, slides, arXiv:1508.06282
Mon. 2/28 5:30-7pm Math 507 Shaoyun Bai (Princeton University) Integral Gromov-Witten invariants and complex Kuranishi bordism arXiv:2201.02688
Mon. 3/7 5:30-7pm Math 507 Sam DeHority (Columbia University) Enumerative geometry of Lagrangian fibrations and monodromy
Mon. 3/14 No Seminar Spring break
Mon. 3/21 5:30-7pm Math 507 Song Yu (Columbia University) Open Crepant Transformation Conjecture for toric Calabi-Yau 3-orbifolds arXiv:2002.08524
Mon. 3/28 5:30-7pm Zoom Eric Zaslow (Northwestern University) The proper Landau-Ginzburg potential is the open mirror map video, slides, arXiv:2204.12249
Mon. 4/4 5:30-7pm Math 507 Zongrui Yang (Columbia University) LG/CY correspondence between tt* geometries arXiv:2011.14658
Mon. 4/11 7:30-9pm Zoom Haniya Azam (Lahore University of Management Sciences) Homological mirror symmetry of theta divisors slides
Mon. 4/18 5:30-7pm Math 507 Chris Woodward (Rutgers University) Wall-crossing in quantum K-theory arXiv:1911.03520
Mon. 4/25 5:30-7pm Math 507 Daniel Halpern-Leistner (Cornell University) Infinite dimensional geometric invariant theory and gauged Gromov-Witten theory
Mon. 5/2 4:30-6pm Math 507 Renata Picciotto (University of Angers) Derived moduli spaces and cosection-localization