Columbia Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2016

The Columbia Algebraic Geometry Seminar takes place on Fridays at 3:30 pm in 417 Mathematics Hall on the Columbia campus. All are welcome. Tea is served at 3 pm in 508 Mathematics Hall.

Schedule of upcoming talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

September 9 Alex Perry Columbia Categorical joins
September 16 Mark de Cataldo Stony Brook Frobenius semisimplicity and convolution morphisms
September 23 Radu Laza Stony Brook Cubic fourfolds and O'Grady's hyperkahler 10-manifolds
September 30 Dmitry Zakharov NYU Pixton's relations and the tautological ring
October 7 Daniel Litt Columbia Arithmetic restrictions on geometric monodromy
October 14 Fenglong You Ohio State K-theoretic quasimap invariants and their wall-crossing
October 21 Steven Sam Wisconsin Secant varieties of Veronese embeddings
October 28 Sándor Kovács Washington On the boundedness of slc surfaces of general type
November 4 No seminar AGNES
November 11 June Huh Princeton Enumeration of points, lines, planes, etc.
November 18 Constantin Teleman Oxford Matrix factorisation for Morse-Bott functions
November 25 No seminar Thanksgiving
December 2 Alena Pirutka NYU Irrationality problems
December 9 Daniel Halpern-Leistner Columbia The non-abelian localization theorem and the Verlinde formula for Higgs bundles

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