Columbia Algebraic Geometry & Gauge Theory Seminar

Fall 2002

The Columbia Algebraic Geometry & Gauge Theory Seminar takes place Fridays at 3:30 pm in 507 Mathematics. All are welcome.

Schedule of upcoming talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

September 20 Eric Zaslow Northwestern Duality and the open string
September 27 Philip Boalch Columbia Symplectic geometry of moduli spaces of irregular meromorphic connections on curves
October 4 Lawrence Ein UIC and Harvard Singularities of pairs and jet schemes
October 11 Kalle Karu Harvard The hard Lefschetz theorem for nonrational polytopes
October 18 Richard Thomas Imperial How to become a millionaire: nodes and the Hodge conjecture
October 25 Chris Woodward Rutgers Peterson's formulas for the small Gromov-Witten invariants of G/P
November 1 Harry Tamvakis Brandeis Quantum cohomology of isotropic Grassmannians
November 8 George Daskalopoulos Brown On the Yang-Mills flow in higher dimensions
November 15 Yi-Jen Lee Princeton Noncontractible periodic orbits, Gromov invariants, and Floer-theoretic torsions
November 22 Ivan Smith Ecole Polytechnique Conformal blocks and complex Morse functions
December 6 John Etnyre Pennsylvania Legendrian knots in dimensions above three
Dec. 13 at 3 pm Dan Abramovich Boston Univ. Flips, derived categories and moduli
December 20 Lucia Caporaso Rome Postponed to the spring

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