Columbia Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Spring 2005

The Columbia Algebraic Geometry Seminar takes place on Friday afternoons. All are welcome.

We are experimenting with a new format this year, with fewer seminar dates but several talks on each date.

Schedule of upcoming talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

Friday, January 28 in 520 Mathematics (printable poster is here):

2 pm Izzet Coskun MIT Characteristic numbers via degenerations
3:30 pm Anders Buch Aarhus Quantum cohomology of isotropic Grassmannians
5 pm Carel Faber KTH/Johns Hopkins Cohomology of local systems on moduli spaces of curves and of abelian varieties

Friday, February 25 in 520 Mathematics:

2 pm Julius Ross Columbia Stability of projective varieties
3:30 pm Gang Tian Princeton Geometry of K-stability

Friday, March 25 in 520 Mathematics:

2 pm Valentina Kiritchenko Stony Brook Chern classes for reductive groups
3:30 pm Samuel Grushevsky Princeton A_6 is of general type
5 pm Damiano Testa MIT The Severi problem for rational curves on del Pezzo surfaces

Friday, April 15 in 520 Mathematics:

2 pm Hans Georg Freiermuth Columbia On compactifications of the space of framed vector bundles on the projective plane
3:30 pm Igor Krichever Columbia Characterizing Jacobians via integrable equations
5 pm Johan Martens Columbia Instanton counting and nonabelian localization

Wednesday, April 27 at 4 pm in 507 Mathematics (note unusual date, time, and place):

4 pm Ravi Vakil Stanford Murphy's Law in algebraic geometry: Badly-behaved deformation spaces

The AMS 2005 Summer Research Institute in Algebraic Geometry will take place in Seattle, July 25 to August 12, 2005. Here is the schedule of talks.
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