Linear Algebra
Fall 2020

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Exam Schedule

Including our final, there will be a total of three exams. Course grades will be determined by these exams and graded homework:

Makeup exams will only be given under exceptional circumstances.

Exams 1 and 2 will be take home-exams. You will have Friday and Monday to complete each exam. The exams will be open-book, but you are to work alone. All resources on my web site will be available. Other resources such as office hours and teaching assistants will not be available.

After each of these exams is returned to you, I will schedule a 20 minute meeting to ask you to explain your exam answers. 75% of your exam grade will be based on your written work, and 25% of your exam grade will be based on your oral answers. Please write exam answers showing all of your work, with clear presentations so that you can understand your answers.

I have not yet decided on the format for our final exams.


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Help Room, and Teaching Assistants

Assistance with linear algebra is available from the Columbia Help Room. Here is its current schedule.

I will include information here about our teaching assistants and preceptors once they are assigned.

Course Materials

This page hosts PDF files from this semester and previous semesters:

In Fall 2016, Columbia Disability Services videotaped my linear algebra course:

Here are some resources others have found helpful:


Linear Algebra with Applications, 5/E, by Otto Bretscher. Pearson, 2012. ISBN-10: 0321796977, ISBN-13: 9780321796974. Columbia University Bookstore, Amazon, or Addall.

Linear Algebra with Applications, 4/E, by Otto Bretscher. Pearson, 2009. ISBN-10: 0136009263, ISBN-13: 9780136009269. Amazon, or Addall.

The most recent edition of Bretscher is the text required by our department for Linear Algebra.

Homework assignments will be distributed as PDF files. They will serve as exam preparation, and will not taken from Bretscher. Therefore, I will have no direct way of knowing which edition, if any, of Bretscher that you obtain. I will recommend chapters to read from Bretscher, but students have found many alternative resources online that serve their needs, supplementing or replacing this text.

I nevertheless urge you to read as much linear algebra as possible. To have confidence in your understanding, you need to be able to decipher references to linear algebra in more advanced textbooks, after our course. My examinations test your computational abilities; I aim to provide an intuitive grasp of theory that makes sense of these computations. To be able to easily read linear algebra later, one needs to practice reading linear algebra now. I have no practical way to test that you have been reading linear algebra; this is your responsibility.


October 8, 2020 is the last day to drop a class, for Barnard College, Columbia College, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, School of General Studies, School of Professional Studies. Check with your school’s academic calendar to confirm the dates that apply to you.

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