Enumerative Geometry Seminar, Fall 2021

Monday, 4:30-6pm, Math 507 or Zoom zoom link, unless noted otherwise in red.

Organizers: Konstantin Aleshkin and Melissa Liu

Date Time Location SpeakerTitle References
Mon. 9/13 4:30-6pm Math 507 Melissa Liu (Columbia University) Mathematical theories of gauged linear and nonlinear sigma models
Mon. 9/20 4:30-6pm Zoom Nawaz Sultani (University of Michigan) Gromov-Witten invariants of some non-convex complete intersections
Mon. 9/27 4:30-6pm Math 507 Song Yu (Columbia University) Open-closed duality via relative-local correspondence arXiv:2112.04418
Mon. 10/4 4:30-6pm Math 507 Marco Castronovo (Columbia University) Liouville domains from Okounkov bodies arXiv:2201.01864
Mon. 10/11 4:30-6pm Math 507 Aleksander Doan (Columbia University) The Gopakumar-Vafa finiteness conjecture arXiv:2103.08221
Mon. 10/18 4:30-6pm Zoom Mohan Swaminathan (Princeton University) An extension of Taubes' Gromov invariant to Calabi--Yau 3-folds video, slides, arXiv:2016.01206
Mon. 10/25 4:30-6pm Zoom Mark Shoemaker (Colorado State University) A mirror theorem for GLSMs video, notes, arXiv:2108.12360
Mon. 11/1 No Seminar Academic Holiday
Mon. 11/8 4:30-6pm Math 507 Catherine Cannizzo (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University) Semi-orthogonal decompositions in Fukaya-Seidel mirrors to blowups of abelian varieties
Mon. 11/15 4:30-6pm Zoom Heather Lee Global homological mirror symmetry for genus two curves
Mon. 11/22 4:30-6pm Math 507 Tudor Pădurariu (Columbia University) Relative stable pairs and a non-Calabi-Yau wall crossing arXiv:2110.14561
Mon. 11/29 7:30-9pm Zoom Zijun Zhou (Kavli IPMU, Tokyo University) Virtual Coulomb branch and quantum K-theory video, slides, arXiv:2107.06135
Mon. 12/6 7:30-9pm Zoom Yang Zhou (Shanghai Center of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University) Wall-crossing for K-theoretic quasimap invariants video, slides1, slides2, arXiv:2012.01401
Mon. 12/13 7:30-9pm Zoom Rachel Webb (UC Berkeley) The moduli of maps has a canonical obstruction theory video, slides, arXiv:2109.03377