Seminar on the \(p\)-adic Langlands program

Fall 2022

The goal of this seminar is to explore the categorical \(p\)-adic Langlands program, i.e. a series of conjectures giving a partial analogue of the work of Fargues-Scholze when \(\ell = p\). Along the way, we will discuss the "classical" Langlands program and the Taylor-Wiles method.

Time and place

Thursdays 3 - 4 PM, 528 Mathematics


[1] Matthew Emerton, Toby Gee, Eugen Hellmann. "An Introduction to the Categorical p-Adic Langlands Program." IHES Summer School on the Langlands Program (2022).


  Date Speaker Topic References Notes
September 8 Avi Zeff Introduction, organization and overview [1]  
September 15 Kevin Chang
Overview of the Langlands program Overview of the Langlands program

I'll describe some of the main conjectures in the Langlands program and survey some known cases.

September 22 Avi Zeff Overview of Fargues-Scholze   PDF
September 29 Haodong Yao Taylor-Wiles patching