Up to date

This is just a short post letting you know that I have updated the Stacks project by working through all your comments once more. The last time I did this was on May 19 of this year. I try to respond to mathematical errors very quickly, but sometimes I do not realize a comment is pointing out an error until I really sit down and look carefully at the comment. If you’ve left a comment pointing out a mathematical error, feel free to also email. I remind you that it is very helpful to me if you suggest a fix or if you have a counter example to the statement you are objecting to or more generally if you discuss what you think went wrong.


2 thoughts on “Up to date

  1. Thanks for the update!

    By the way, what happened to the slogan generator? It used to be great fun!

  2. I haven’t updated the slogan generator (or sloganerator if you like silly word play) to the new website. We decided to focus on some other features, but there is no technical reason to not have it anymore. It’s just a time investment I didn’t make, but still could if we decide to do so.

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