Calculus II: Mathematics V1102

Fall 2015

Monday and Wednesday 1:10pm - 2:25pm
Mathematics 207

Instructor:  Peter Woit
Office: Mathematics 421
Phone: 212-854-2642
Office hours:  After class Monday, Wednesday from 2:30-3:30.  Students are encouraged to drop by Math 421 at any time. I'm usually there and happy to provide help with the course.
Help room:   Milbank 333 on the Barnard campus is staffed much of the day and evening by teaching assistants who can help you with this course.  The schedule for the help room is available here.

The textbook for the course is Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th Edition, by J. Stewart.  More information about the textbook is available here

The WebAssign online system will be used to assign some of the homework, and will contain a detailed schedule and syllabus. Students should enroll in the WebAssign section for the class at, using class key columbia 4432 3881.  Please use your UNI as your user name.  A "Quick Start Guide" to help you get started with WebAssign is available here.

Details of the schedule, syllabus and assignments are available through the WebAssign system.

There will be homework due each Monday, for a total of eleven assignments.  These will include a component to be completed online using WebAssign, as well as additional problems to be handed in after class on Monday.  The lowest homework score will be dropped.

There will be  two midterm exams (October 7 and November 17) and a final exam (December 21, 1:10-4pm). 

Final grades will be assigned based on the homework (20%), midterms (20% each) and final (40%).