Upcoming Probability Events (2019-2020)

Local Events

Event Name Location Date
Conference on occasion of Christos Papadimitriou’s 70th birthday Columbia September 6-8, 2019
MATHEMATICAL FINANCE AND ANALYSIS. Symposium in honor of Philip E. Protter Columbia September 20-21, 2019
Workshop on "Inference on Graphical Models" Columbia October 11-12, 2019
RANDOM MATRIX THEORY SYMPOSIUM Lerner Hall, room 477, Columbia University November 1, 2019
Eighteenth Northeast Probability Seminar CUNY Graduate Center November 21-22, 2019


Event Name Location Date
School and Workshop on Random Matrix Theory and Point Processes Trieste (Italy) September 23-27, 2019
Short Course: Mean Field Games Agent-Based Models to Nash Equilibria Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center (USA) January 13-14, 2020
RANDOM GEOMETRY AND QUANTUM GRAVITY Paris (France) April 14 - July 10, 2020
SEMINAR ON STOCHASTIC PROCESSES Michigan State University (USA) March 4-7, 2020
Frontier Probability Days' 2020 (FPD '20) University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA) May 8-10, 2020
Challenges in probability and statistical mechanics Technion (Israel) June 1-5, 2020
PIMS-CRM Summer School in Probability Vancouver (Canada) June 1-26, 2020
2020 Summer School on Random Matrices University of Michigan (USA) June 15-26, 2020
The 50th Saint-Flour Probability Summer School Saint-Flour (France) July 5-17, 2020
XXIV Brazilian School of Probability/ São Paulo School of advanced science on singular stochastic partial differential equations and their applications São Paulo (Brazil) July 28 - August 8, 2020
NSF/CBMS Conference: Gaussian Random Fields, Fractals, SPDEs, and Extremes University of Alabama in Huntsville (USA) August 3-7, 2020
Probability, Analysis and Dynamics'21 Bristol (UK) April 7-9, 2021
Thematic program in Probability and PDEs Montreal (Canada) January-July, 2021

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