Columbia University Mathematics Colloquium

Spring 2012

The Columbia Mathematics Department Colloquium meets in Math 520 approximately every three weeks on Wednesday afternoons at 5:00, and is preceded by tea at 4:30. Colloquia are of general mathematical interest and aimed at both faculty and graduate students.

Please click on the title for the abstract of the talk.

Jan. 18
Daniel Wise (McGill)
Cube Complexes
Feb. 15
Assaf Naor (NYU)
Ultrametric skeletons
Feb. 22
Michel Broué (Paris VII)
GLn(x) where x is an indeterminate ?
March 28
Yiannis Sakellaridis  (Rutgers-Newark)
L-functions and trace formulas: small steps beyond endoscopy
April 4
Ye Tian (Beijing)
Congruent numbers and Heegner Points
April 25
Takis Souganidis (U. Chicago)
An overview of random homogenization for elliptic PDEs
May 2
Howard Masur (U. Chicago)
Winning sets of Diophantine measured foliations

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Co-Organizers: Julien Dubédat, Mikhail Khovanov and Rachel Ollivier