Duong H. Phong

Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University

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An Older Paper

Subelliptic Eigenvalue Problems (with C. Fefferman)
Conference on harmonic analysis in honor of Antoni Zygmund, Vol. I, II (Chicago, Ill., 1981) Wadsworth Math. Ser., Wadsworth, Belmont, CA, 1983, pp. 590-606i

Lecture Notes

Complex Analysis and Riemann Surfaces I (notes taken by You Qi)

Editorial Activities

Editor-in-chief, Mathematics Research Letters

Editorial boards: Annals of PDE, Asian Journal of Mathematics, Complex Analysis and its Synergies, New York Journal of Mathematics


Complex Analysis and Riemann surfaces I and II


May 2011: Analysis and Applications

May 2013: Analysis, Complex Geometry and Mathematical Physics


Informal Complex Geometry and PDEs seminar

Geometry and Analysis

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