The Journal of Number Theory will host a number theory conference every two years to
publicize recent advances in  the field.  The JNT is sponsoring the David Goss Prize of
10K USD to be awarded every two years
at the JNT Biennial to a young researcher  in
number theory.  Proceedings of the JNT Biennial conferences will appear in a
special volume of JNT.  See: Proceedings of the First JNT Biennial Conference

DATE: Monday, July 18  -  Friday, July 22, 2022
LOCATION: Grand Hotel San Michel, Cetraro, Italy

Ziyang Gao and Vesselin Dimitrov win the 2022 David Goss Prize
David Goss Prize Photos
Group Photo
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Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia),  Philippe Michel (Lausanne), Dipendra Prasad (IITB, Mumbai, India),
 Emmanuel Ullmo (IHES),  Umberto Zannier (Scuola Normale, Italy), Shou-Wu Zhang (Princeton)

Schedule of Talks                            Titles and Abstracts

  Gregorio Baldi
(IHES, Paris)
Ashay Burungale (Caltech)
Frank Calegari (University of Chicago)
Laura DeMarco (Harvard University)
Vesselin Dimitrov
(University of Toronto)
Daniel Disegni
(Ben-Gurion University, Israel) 
Ziyang Gao
(Leibniz Universit├Ąt, Hannover)
  Mahesh Kakde
(Indian Institute of Science)
Raphael von Kanel
(IAS, Tsinghua University)
Lars Kuehne
(Universit├Ąt Basel)
Brian Lawrence
  Chao Li
(Columbia University)
Paul Nelson
(IAS, Princeton)
  James Newton (Oxford University)
Jonathan Pila
(Oxford University)     
Jinbo Ren
(IAS, Princeton)
Yunqing Tang (University of California, Berkeley)
Sarah Zerbes
(ETH, Zurich)

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