Francesco Lin

Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Columbia University (CV, MathGenealogy).

Email: (research) and (teaching).

Teaching: Fall 2024 Honors Complex Variables (preliminary syllabus here).


I am interested in geometry and topology in low-dimensions, with a special focus on their mutual interactions. A lot of what I think about originates here. My research is partially supported by the NSF grant New directions in monopole Floer homology (DMS-2203498).

I co-organize the Symplectic Geometry and Gauge Theory Seminar and the Geometric Topology seminar.


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You can find my list of publications here.


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" voler trattar le quistioni naturali senza geometria è un tentar di fare quello che è impossibile ad esser fatto."
G. Galilei - Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo.