Help wanted

So I am going through the comments left on the Stacks project and many of the comments could have been answered more quickly. I do scan new comments quickly to see if they are pointing out a serious error with the material, because if so I want to be on top of it! But generally speaking I only go through the comments in detail only once every so often.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody is interested in helping out with answering comments? Let me describe a bit more what I have in mind. Your task would be to monitor activity and take a first stab at responding to comments. Often comments point out trivial typos, sometimes a comment identifies a small error in a proof, or occasionally a comment suggests improvements to a proof and/or statement of a lemma. In these cases you could just quickly make local edits in the relevant latex file and communicate that to me. Or, if you know how to use git I can give you access to the repository to push the corresponding changes directly. Finally, if a more serious error is pointed out we can figure out how to fix it together.

You don’t need to understand all the material in the Stacks project as you can often figure out what went wrong by looking locally at the material. Or you can just answer only comments on certain topics; we don’t need all the comments to be answered quickly. Finally, we can have multiple people dealing with comments as well.

Anyway, let me know by email if you are interested!

Update May 19: Thanks to some people offering to help I am no longer actively looking. You can of course always informally help out by answering questions that people leave in the comments or by pointing out mistakes and/or improvements to the exposition!