A new website for the stacks project

Today the new version of the Stacks project website went online! Before reading the rest of this post, I suggest heading over there and checking it out!

First of all, huge thanks go to Pieter Belmans who wrote all the code for the website (and also the previous website). It was Pieter’s idea to start using plasTeX to parse the LaTeX code. To parse mathematical texts including lots of formulas with plasTeX a lot of code was added to plasTeX by Pieter Belmans and Raymond Cheng. Combining this with the latex code you find in the Stacks project you get the website you see when you click on the first link above. To read about the interplay between the different parts or if you want to setup a site like this for yourself, please visit the Gerby project website.

There are several improvements of the new site over the old one. The foremost for users is probably that the new site works very well on phones and tablets. Most of the features of the old site are still there, except for the graphs; these may return in the future — feel free to help us with that! You can also help us by letting us know if you find some button or feature of the new site that doesn’t work as expected. Either leave a comment on the site, make an issue on github, or email one of us.

On a technical level, a big improvement of the new site over the old one is the separation of the website and the underlying latex project. This makes it significantly easier to start your own geometry over F1 project. Again, please visit the Gerby project link above to see how… Of course you still have to write all the mathematics yourself!

2 thoughts on “A new website for the stacks project

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  2. Hi Johan, the new website is great! But, I personally preferred the old way of using the “cite” link. The way it worked was that it gave a pop-up with the choices and I could copy the reference line with just a click. Now it takes me to another page and I have to highlight the choice I want, then copy, and then go back to the previous page if I still want to read what’s there. Of course, it’s not unbearable and I can do it, but if the old code for this could be included in the new site, it would make it so much easier to extract references! Thanks a lot! -S

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