Apologies for backlog

Just a quick message to apologize in the delay in working through the comments on the Stacks project webpage and the comments sent to the email address as well as the pull requests at github. Eventually I will get to them.

Currently I am very excited about the topics course I am teaching about \’etale fundamental groups. The topic was chosen on the one hand because it fits well with the remynar on \’etale cohomology organized by Remy and on the other hand because it fits with recent work on the Stacks project: see this chapter on fundamental groups.

Another thing I am very excited about is our graduate student seminar this semester. Here we will be working through Milne’s amazing paper on a conjecture of Artin and Tate. We also intend to try and make a concept map along the way. Not sure if this will work out but see this page of Daniel Halpern-Leistner example.