Tags in pdfs

With a few changes to one of our scripts and using the marginnotes latex package, we can now show the tags and references in the pdfs. Here is an example of what this looks like. (The hyperlinks in this file do not work but this will get fixed if we put it on the server.)

I am not completely convinced that this is a good idea, so I need a couple of you guys to tell me you think it is a good idea. Thanks!

[Edit Aug 14, 2015] OK, this is now on the server.

4 thoughts on “Tags in pdfs

  1. There is a sort of redundancy in the pdf I guess since you can mouse over the hyperlink at least in the case of lemmas etc. and take the tag from the ending. But of course for printing the pdfs one doesnt have this, so I think it is good thing to include them.

  2. This is wonderful – as someone who often needs to look up tags while on a plane without wifi, I strongly support it.

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