So I’ve been playing around with tracing the history of lemmas, etc in the Stacks project over time. I’ve written a bunch of scripts to extract this information out of the git logs. Here a pdf file showing what happened to Nakayama’s lemma over time. Enjoy!

PS: Feel free to improve on the current version of Nakayama’s lemma in the Stacks project and to submit it for inclusion, so we can add more stages to its history!

2 thoughts on “Histories

  1. Nice idea!

    I couldn’t find any difference between lemma 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 (and haven’t tried for the others). Maybe latex-diff (a perl script, available on CTAN tex-archive/support/latexdiff) can help here; I read some very positive reviews.

    • Some changes are invisible in the latex, but actually I think there may be a problem with the script because I do not see any difference between 0.3 and 0.4 myself either (even in the latex). In fact, looking more closely at the history, I can see that what happened in commit b992073e01d52fd6d1a62af3e6107c73076e38e9 is that the lemma got moved (not changed). The script tries to ignore this, but it relies on the “diff” program… We could put in a check for this… Hmmm…

      Thanks for the “latexdiff” idea! But it is really up to the guys working on the website to visualize the histories…

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