Back from Seattle

Just got back from a workshop/conference organized by Max Lieblich. Thanks for all the comments you guys left on the Stacks project this week. I just finished dealing with these and I am ready for more.

One word about submitting slogans: let’s try to really think about using different language in the slogans. It doesn’t need to be entirely mathematically correct or be entirely equivalent to the actual statement. Maybe the idea is even to make the reader think a little bit about why the slogan is a slogan for the result in question. If while using the sloganerator you come across a lemma and the only slogan that comes to mind is very close to the actual statement, then you can just click on “get new tag” to see if the next one is “more fun” so to speak.

Also, we now have almost 150 contributors to the Stacks project. I need 4 more of you to leave an intelligent comment (for example) with your name. Thanks!