Pieter Belmans and Johan Commelin have added a bunch of new features to the Stacks project website:

  1. Nested enumerations are now displayed correctly; this lemma is an example.
  2. Outside references are more visible; this lemma has one.
  3. Footnotes are now displayed as footnotes; this section has four footnotes.
  4. They have implemented a system for historical remarks; Nakayama’s lemma is currently the only tag which has a historical remark.
  5. They have implemented a system for slogans; these lemmas are examples (look at the top underneath the header and breadcrumb).
  6. They have written the sloganerator; click or read below.

Huge thanks for all the work put into this by Pieter and Johan.

What is the sloganerator? Roughly, it gives you a random result from the Stacks project and asks you to type in a slogan describing the result. Your suggestion will become a comment on the tag’s page the Stacks project website. In due time we will then add the slogan to the actual Stacks project and you slogan will become visible as in the examples above.

The idea of having “slogans” or “human readable” descriptions of the results in the Stacks project has been around for a while. See this blog post and follow the links to the older blog posts. This will hopefully give you a better idea of what this is all about.


PS: If you’d like to suggest a slogan on any given tag of the Stacks project, then please just leave a comment on the tag’s page. Similarly with outside references and historical remarks.

4 thoughts on “Sloganerator

    • Actually, just copying the same text wouldn’t help google find the results any better. Using different words is the key for that I think and is also helpful for the human readers (to make connections).

  1. If, at some point, we make a “slogan browse” or something, or a Twitter bot giving slogans, or … I guess it makes sense to have trivial slogans in there. Although it looks a bit silly on the website for the moment.

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