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Let X be a quasi-compact and quasi-separated algebraic space. Let T⊂|X| be a closed subset such that |X| – T is quasi-compact. The category D_{QCoh,T}(O_X) of complexes with quasi-coherent cohomology sheaves supported on T is generated by a single perfect object. See Lemma Tag 0AEC

This result for schemes is in the paper “Dimensions of triangulated categories” by Raphaël Rouquier

3 thoughts on “Lemma of the day

  1. While used by many, many people since, this argument goes back to Proposition 6.1 of the paper of Bökstedt and Neeman, Compositio (1993). Analogous results are available for geometric objects based on simplicial commutative rings (Toën) or connective commutative ring spectra.

    • (Un)fortunately, my brain does not allow me to think about the order of things in the literature, only about the logical or mathematical ordering. Anyways, we intend to put many, many more references in the Stacks project, but I want to do it right. So in this case for example, it seems that what you are saying is that Lemma Tag 09IR might deserve a reference to the Bokstedt and Neeman paper. Right?

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