A new website for the stacks project

Huge thanks to Pieter Belmans who did an enormous amount of work coding the stacks project website.

Please visit the new version of the website and play around. A major new feature is the dynamic creation of graphs vizualing the logical connections between results in the stacks project, for each and every result. Here is an example


Edit: To view a graph, browse the project online, choose a chapter, choose a section, choose a lemma, and then click on one of the three types of graphs.

If you have a comment, suggestion, etc then please come back here. If you find a bug in the operation of the website, then either leave a comment here, or email the maintainer, or create an issue on the github repository.


2 thoughts on “A new website for the stacks project

  1. When I go to the Stacks Project website as linked to here, I reach a page that gives no clue as to how to see the visualizations you mention.

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