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Still here? OK, so occasionally I try to see if embedded pdf viewers will open a pdf at a named destination. In the past the only setup that did this was using adobe reader. But yesterday I discovered that it now works with google chrome and its built in pdf reader! BUT… you have to use the format

because the more compact version

doesn’t work. (You will need a reasonably up to date version of chrome.) Today I discovered that it also works with firefox on my ubuntu system. In fact both versions of the link work. It turns out that the Ubuntu firefox browser uses Mozilla’s built pdf viewer. If this is not already installed on your system you can install it as an add on — here is a link. However, on my 64 bit gentoo system, it still didn’t work until I installed the development version of pdf.js you can find here.

Unfortunately, the cross file links (e.g. a reference to a lemma in the algebra chapter from another chapter) do not (yet) work for chrome/ and firefox/pdf.js. This used to work with the adobe reader (for example on windows) and works with the rekonq/okular combination on kde.

Test it on your system. I’d love some feedback.

  1. Open at named destination, short version:
  2. Open at named destination, long version:
  3. Both of these should open the chapter on Brauer groups at Lemma Tag 074M, which today is Lemma 5.3 on page 5. To try the cross file link functionality, in the proof of that lemma, click on the link to Algebra, Lemma 33.17.

Does this work for you? Leave a comment. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Named destinations

  1. 64-bit Ubuntu (12.04).

    Firefox (20.0): both short and long versions work.
    Chrome (26.0.1410.63): only the long version works.

    Cross file link: Chrome doesn’t even register it as a link. Firefox puts up the clickable link cursor, but clicking it doesn’t do anything. In both browsers the other links all seem to function fine.

      • Yes that worked as well. However, I just realized that, in Konqueror, I was opening the file with “open in new tab” (my default when following a link). When I just right-click in Konqueror, the file is opened in a new Adobe Reader (outside Konqueror).

  2. I’m having an issue with Named destinations. The url for document brauer.pdf ( works perfectly for me in IE, and opens at the correct section. When I inspect the link within the document (http://stacks.math.columbia/tag/074M), I’m confused how that works exactly. How does that url, specifically, the ‘/tag/074M’ know to search the brauer.pdf document. When I examine the brauer.pdf, I’m not detecting bookmarks or destinations for ‘074M’
    Thanks in advance for your help on this.

    • Where are you finding the link to ‘074M’? If it is because you are clicking on an underlined lemma then that is just a link to the online version of the lemma and not something else in the pdf.

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