Two fallen trees

This morning I couldn’t stand sitting around in my apartment with my kids anymore so I decided to bike to my temporary office at NYU. Going through riverside park I immediately found my way blocked by this tree

A little further down the west-side bike path a police officer forced me to turn around and take to the streets. On the way out of the park I see another big tree down. It certainly would have made sense to keep bikers out of riverside park during the storm, but at this point in time it makes no sense at all. I continue up west-end in the middle of a huge traffic jam having to avoid cars jockeying for position and switching lanes. Then somewhere after 38th Street the traffic thins out. There is a police officer directing traffic at an intersection having working traffic lights, and then the next and all further traffic lights are out. Biking further I observe a couple of little black vans with sirens and lights on race through the traffic.

Nearer NYU I see people desperately flagging down cabs and I wonder if maybe I could make some money offering rides on my bike. But I guess it would only work with dutch people who know how to sit on the back of a bike. Anyway, arriving at Courant it turns out the building has its own power plant and everything is working! Water, electricity and most importantly the internet. Great, now I can write those recommendation letters I was trying to procrastinate about!

One thought on “Two fallen trees

  1. There are probably trees in the parks which have branches that have been weakened significantly by the storm but haven’t fallen. They could still fall, though, so I’m guessing the parks are closed until the Parks Department can inspect lots of trees.

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