A new website

Please visit the new website for the stacks project. It was written from scratch by Pieter Belmans. Huge thanks to Pieter for all the hard work he has done!

There is a lot more functionality on the site now than there was with the old version:

  1. You can search the stacks project. The default is to search for multiple keywords in statements of lemmas, propositions, etc. (Note that you need to explicitly add a wildcard to search for different endings of words — as explained on the site.)
  2. You can leave comments on each and every result of the stacks project. For the moment feel free to leave any comments you like; in the future I’ll lay some ground rules for what kind of comments are useful, what to avoid and so on.
  3. You can “browse” the project online. What this means will be clear only by doing it. So I suggest you start with the chapter on morphisms of schemes and go from there.

I’ll talk more about this in forthcoming blog posts, but for now I am just going to enjoy the fact that it is all there. Enjoy!

The new website is located at stacks.math.columbia.edu. We’ve set things up so that the links pointing to the old version are redirected to the new website.

A final word. In some sense the new website is a beta version. We’ve done testing (thanks to all testers here) and we’ve found lots of bugs, but there may be some left. Please let us know if you find any problems with the site. You can leave a comment to this blog post, email me, or email the general stacks project email address. Thanks!

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