For a lark I compiled a version of the stacks project with the XITS font package. (No Max not the zits font package!) You can do this for any of your papers by following the instructions in the user guide that comes with the package. It kind of looks nice. For a sample take a look at the chapter stacks-introduction or the whole project.

Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Xits

  1. Hey! I assume you are talking to someone else.

    Nice font, but don’t serifs make it harder to read on-screen?

  2. Wait, isn’t your name Max, Max? I actually know virtually nothing about fonts! I just now and then try out new ways of compiling the stacks project. I think it is amazing how good the standard fonts are that come with your usual latex setup. Any suggestions for things I should try? I guess we could try a type-write font to make the stacks project look like SGA…

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