Updated list of contributors

So I’ve now updated the list of contributors to include literally everybody who I know has ever contributed a typo, error, made a suggestion, etc. In particular, please let me know if your name should be there and it isn’t.

The reason for doing this is that this is the only maintainable choice. Up till now I tried to make some choice as to when to put somebody on the list based on number and importance of contributions. However, looking at the list of people I added today I now see this was completely arbitrary and not at all objective! I hope I didn’t offend anybody!

You can look for what people have contributed by searching in the logs (except as with everything in life it isn’t perfect). To do this, first clone the project using

git clone git://github.com/stacks/stacks-project.git

then cd stacks-project and finally use something like

git log --grep=Lastname
git log --grep=lastname
git log --grep=Lastname --color -p
git log --grep=lastname --color -p

Future contributors who send new material in the form of latex will show up as authors as I described in this post a while back and those who point out typos, errors, suggestions, etc without sending latex will show up in the commit messages.

Please let me know if you have an idea for a more efficient way to keep track of contributors.

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    • Yeah, it isn’t hard to make the list! Just send me a typo. I would appreciate using your real name however. I’m looking at you Levi Civita!

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