Splitting chapters

So I was wondering if it would maybe help to split the chapters in the stacks project into shorter chapters. To do this I wrote a python script that can automatically fix tags and references that point to the wrong labels. Allthough this script has already turned out to be useful I have decided not to split up any chapter yet. In fact, playing around with it myself I do not find it confusing to have long chapters.

Really the challenge is to find classifications of the material that makes sense and then to divide the chapter in question into the corresponding pieces. The longest chapter by a long shot is the chapter on commutative algebra which has 100 sections and 250 pages (about). I personally do not see an easy way to divide this into meaningful chunks, but maybe you do? Let me know if so. Of course the initial part (which could be lengthened) about really basic stuff — elementary properties of tensor, localization, finite type, finite presentation, etc — i.e. stuff where you do not need prime ideals — could be split off. But what about the later material? Again, if you see a good way to make divisions leave a comment.

Note that I say classification of material. I do not intend the stacks project to be read from A — Z since that would presumably drive the reader insane. I do intend the material to be locally readable, and I want it to be easy to access the earlier lemmas, propositions, theorems that more advanced material relies on.

Of course whether splitting up chapters would be useful depends on who is reading and how they access the stacks project. Are you downloading the whole book at once, or do you browse chapters? Do you use acrobat reader? Do cross file links work? Etc, etc. It would be helpful and welcome to have some feedback or ideas on this (as a comment or just an email).