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Proof Writing Workshop Fall 2022

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If you're taking your first proof-based math course or just want to improve your proof-writing skills, sign up for our Introduction to Proofs workshop!

Learning how to write proofs takes time and practice, and this workshop is a great opportunity to get more familiar with how to go about writing proofs. The lessons will have a mix of lectures and exercises to try in small groups with help of the TAs, so you'll get lots of practice and constructive advice. We'll give an overview of mathematical logic, different types of proofs, and discuss good mathematical practices that'll help you succeed and get the most out of your classes.

Undergraduate Lecturers and TAs: Aiden Sagerman, Ekene Ezeunala, Xincheng Zhang, Maria Stuebner, Rizwan Kazi, Jasmine Miftahof, Jeffrey Xiong, Ashwin Padaki, Panagiotis Tsimpos, Zheheng Xiao, Urvi Awasthi

Location: Math Building, Room 203
Date Time Topic Notes
Week 1-September 16 11 am-1 pm
Mathematical writing, Logic, Basic Set theory, Direct Proofs
Week 2-September 23 11 am-1 pm
More on types of proofs: Contradiction, Contrapositive, and Induction
Week 3-September 30 11 am-1 pm
Induction and Peano Axioms
Week 4-October 7 11 am-1 pm
Epsilon-delta arguments, Sequences, Limits

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