Duong H. Phong

Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University

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Recent Papers

Two-loop vacuum energy for Calabi-Yau orbifold models (with E. D'Hoker) (arxiv)

Degeneration of Kahler-Ricci solitons on Fano manifolds (with J. Song and J. Sturm) (arxiv)

Complex Monge Ampere Equations (with Jian Song and J. Sturm), Surveys in Differential Geomety, vol. 17, 327-411 (2012) (arxiv)

Hardy Spaces and boundary conditions from the Ising model (with C. Hongler), Math. Zeitschrift, (July 2012) (arxiv)

On the singularities of the pluricomplex Green's function (with J. Sturm) (arxiv)

Lecture Notes

Complex Analysis and Riemann Surfaces I (notes taken by You Qi)

Editorial Activities

Editor-in-chief, Mathematics Research Letters


Complex Analysis and Riemann surfaces II

Real Analysis II


May 2011: Analysis and Applications

May 2013: Analysis, Complex Geometry and Mathematical Physics


Informal Complex Geometry and PDEs seminar

Geometry and Analysis

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Mathematical Genealogy of D. H. Phong


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