Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic

Spring 2023

The seminar will meet in-person, on Fridays 10:30 am to noon in Room 520.

  Jan 27 A. Raghuram (Fordham) Special values of Rankin-Selberg L-functions over a totally imaginary field.
  Feb 03 Jared Weinstein (Boston) Higher Modularity of Elliptic Curves
  Feb 10 (Online) J. E. Rodríguez Camargo (Bonn) Solid locally analytic representations, D-modules and applications to p-adic automorphic forms
  Feb 17 Robert Cass (Michigan) Geometrization of the mod p Satake transform
  Feb 24 Yujie Xu (MIT) Hecke algebras for $p$-adic groups and the explicit Local Langlands Correspondence for $G_2$
  March 03 Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier (McGill) Counting non-tempered automorphic forms using endoscopy
  March 10 Stefan Patrikis (Ohio) Compatibility of canonical l-adic local systems on some Shimura varieties of non-abelian type
  March 24 Tasho Kaletha (Michigan) Covers of reductive groups and functoriality
  March 31 Gregorio Baldi (IHES) The Hodge locus
  April 07 Yihang Zhu (Maryland) Zeta Functions of Shimura Varieties
  April 14 Haruzo Hida (UCLA) Adjoint L-value formula and Tate conjecture
  April 21 Michael Groechenig (Toronto) p-adic points of stacks and applications

Old seminars

Organizers: Amadou Bah and Eric Urban