Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic

Fall 2022

The seminar will meet in-person, on Fridays 10:30 am to noon in Room 520.

  Sep 09 Daniel Li-Huerta (Harvard) The Plectic conjecture over local fields
  Sep 16 (Online) Jinbo Ren (Xiamen University) Applications of the Subspace Theorem in Group Theory
  Sep 23 Oana Padurariu (Boston) Quadratic Analogues of Kenku's Theorem
  Sep 30 Chandrashekhar Khare (UCLA) The Wiles-Lenstra-Diamond numerical criterion in higher codimensions
  Oct 07 Naomi Sweeting (Harvard) Kolyvagin's Conjecture and Higher Congruences of Modular Forms
  Oct 14 Andrew Obus (CUNY-Baruch) Mac Lane Valuations and applications to conductor-discriminant inequalities
  Oct 21 Jacques Tilouine (Sorbonne Paris Nord) Iwasawa theory of classical and derived deformation rings
  Oct 28 Yu-Sheng Lee (Columbia) Arithmetic of theta liftings
  Nov 04 Hélène Esnault (Universität Berlin & Columbia) Integrality of the Betti moduli space
  Nov 11 Eric Chen (Princeton) Duality of singular automorphic periods
  Nov 18 Robert Pollack (Boston) Predicting slopes of modular forms and reductions of crystalline representations
  Dec 02 (Online) Valentin Hernandez (Université Paris-Saclay) The infinite fern in higher dimensions
  Dec 09 Ari Shnidman (Jerusalem & Dartmouth) Torsion points on abelian surfaces with potential quaternionic multiplication

Old seminars

Organizers: Amadou Bah and Michele Fornea