Mini-Workshop on Log-Correlated Random Fields

Date: December 12-14, 2017
Location: 407 Mathematics building, Columbia University

We expect partial support to be available for travel and accommodation for accepted participants.

Organizers: Julien Dubedat, Fredrik Viklund

The workshop is supported by the National Science Foundation (DMS 1308476)

Confirmed participants

Louis-Pierre Arguin
Juhan Aru
Guillaume Baverez
Stephane Benoist
Paul Bourgade
Jian Ding
Julien Dubedat
Bertrand Duplantier
Julian Gold
Ewain Gwynne
Lisa Hartung
Nina Holden
Oren Louidor
Titus Lupu
Joshua Pfeffer
Guillaume Remy
Remi Rhodes
Jay Rosen
Hao Shen
Eliran Subag
Xin Sun
Scott Sheffield
Vincent Vargas
Fredrik Viklund


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