Mike Woodbury

Calculus Director
Department of Mathematics
Columbia University
2990 Broadway, MC 4430
New York, NY 10027
me Office: Mathematics rm 525
Telephone: (212)854-2849
Office Hours: TBD
email: (lastname) AT math DOT columbia ...


See information about what my research interests are and what I have accomplished plus lecture and conference notes I have taken.


Fall 2017: Calculus I

From the Preface of Sherman K. Stein's "Mathematics: The Man-made Universe:"

"We all find ourselves in a world we never made. Though we get used to the kitchen sink, we do not understand the atoms which compose it. The kitchen sink like all the objects surrounding us, is a convenient abstraction.

"Mathematics, on the other hand, is completely the work of man. Each theorem, each proof, is the product of the human mind. In mathematics all the cards can be put on the table. In this sense, mathematics is concrete, whereas the world is abstract."


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