Columbia University Mathematics Colloquium

Spring 2008

Columbia Mathematics Department Colloquium meets in Math 520 every three weeks on Wednesday afternoons at 5:00, and is preceded by tea at 4:30. Colloquia are of general mathematical interest and aimed at both faculty and graduate students. Please click on the title for the abstract.

  Feb 6

 Joel Spruck (Johns Hopkins)

Locally convex hypersurfaces of constant curvature with

   Feb 27
 Erez Lapid (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
 From volume of polytopes to Arthur's trace formula
  March 5
 Jean-Michel Bismut (Orsay)
 Index Theorem in Probability Theory
  March 12
 Ko Honda (USC)
 Reeb vector fields and open book decompositions
  March 26
 Conan Leung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
 Geometry of special holonomy
  April 16
 Sai-Kee Yeung (Purdue)
 On fake projective planes
  April 23
 Alexei Borodin  (Caltech)
 Random surfaces in dimension two, three and four
  April 30
 Mihalis Dafermos (M I T)
 The non-linear stability problem for black hole spacetimes in general
  May 1
 Richard Schoen (Stanford University)
 Recent progress on Riemannian manifolds of positive curvature

co-Organizers:   Panagiota Daskalopoulos, Eric Urban and Mu-Tao Wang

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