Preprint Seminar, Spring 2023

Wednesdays 1 to 1.55 pm in room 528

Please contact me (Tudor Padurariu) at if you are interested in participating, either by attending or by giving a talk. Please also contact me if you need suggestions for papers.

The papers chosen should have been posted on arxiv after January 1, 2022. The talks are 45 minutes + 10 minutes for questions/ discussion.

Date Speaker Paper
Wed. Feb. 1 Patrick Lei A Kleiman criterion for GIT stack quotients by M. Shoemaker
Wed. Feb. 8 Nathan Chen Motivic invariants of birational maps by H.-Y. Lin and E. Shinder
Wed. Feb. 15 Andres Fernandez Herrero Birational geometry of quiver varieties and other GIT quotients by G. Bellamy, A. Craw, and T. Schedler
Wed. Feb. 22 Nicolas Vilches Reyes Derived categories of hearts on Kuznetsov components by C. Li, L. Pertusi, and X. Zhao
Wed. Mar. 8 Kevin Chang Low degree Hurwitz stacks in the Grothendieck ring by A. Landesman, R. Vakil, and M. Matchett Wood
Wed. Mar. 22 Akash Sengupta On the log version of Serrano's conjecture by H. Liu
Wed. Apr. 5 Anna Abasheva Combinatorial part of the cohomology of the nearby fibre by D. Sustretov
Wed. Apr. 12 Morena Porzio Smooth subvarieties of Jacobians by O. Benoist and O. Debarre
Wed. Apr. 19 Matthew Manchung Hase-Liu Divisibility of Frobenius eigenvalues on ell-adic cohomology by H. Esnault and D. Wan
Wed. Apr. 26 Amal Mattoo A Phantom of a Rational Surface by J. Krah